1. Accommodation

Hostel accommodation is provided in separate buildings for men and women.

2. Administration

The hostels shall be under the control of the Principal

There shall be a wrden and an  Assistant Warden for each hostel and an officer-in-charge of house surgeons quarters, appointed from among the members of the teaching staff.

The Principal’s decision shall be final in the interpretation of rules and in all matters connected with the hostel.

3. Admission

Admission is restricted to the students of Medical College, Kottayam

2 application forms to be filled by the student which will be got from cash section A6 SECTION .After the approval of warden, student can pay the hostel caution deposit  at the cash section along with one application form and one application form to be submitted  at the hostel.

 Application will be registered in the order in which they are received and the rooms allotted in that order. Application not in proper form will be rejected.

Students of the college may be taken as day boarders provided they deposit the requisite caution money and meet the charges fixed. Priority for them will be fixed.


4. Caution Deposit

Each student on admission should pay Rs.2000/- as mess advance and Rs.1000/- as caution deposit, which will be refunded only at the time of his/her leaving the hostel, finally, after adjusting any liabilities to the hostel.


5. Discipline Declaration

Each student on admission, should if he/she is a major, sign a discipline declaration in approved form, if he/she is a minor, the under- taking should be given by the parent or guardian.



6. Allotment of Rooms

Rooms will be allotted   according to the seniority of the application .

No resident is allowed to have additional electrical fittings and all movable items ( Tables, chairs , cupboards etc) should be purchased after concurrence from Hostel secretaries and  warden/ asst warden.

Room Rent – The rent for each rooms will be fixed for each hostel from time to time.

Electricity and Water charges – Each resident should pay Rs.700/- per month as establishment fee along with mess bill.

7. Withdrawals

Students passing out of the college or discontinuing their studies or those desirous of residing with their parents or guardian will be permitted to leave the hostel on application to the Warden/Asst.War- den, only at the end of the term, except on medical grounds approved by the Warden / Asst.Warden. Students who are living in the hostel and who wish to reside with their relatives must produce a letter from their parents or guardians authorizing them to do so before leaving the hos- tel. On no account should they leave the hostel before they are permit- ted to do so by the Warden / Asst.Warden. Violation of these rules may invite action like cancellation of allotment.

 8. Mess

Food will be supplied in the hostels by students Mess committee.

They will not be allowed to supply food in other hostels or to any persons other than hostel inmates.

9. Guests

No resident is allowed to bring a  guest into the hostel.

Hostel vigilance committee / Asst.Warden will carry out surprise checks in the hostels and if any unauthorized occupation of the room is noticed, the allotment will be cancelled without further notice.

10. Payment of Dues

All charges must be paid at the office (hostel section) between 11am and 3 pm  and receipt obtained. Mess charges for the month should be paid on or before the second working day of third  week of succeeding month. Thereafter a fine of Re.1/per day will be collected till dues are paid. The fine so collected will be credited to Hostel funds. On failure to pay hostel dues the inmate will be allowed to continue in the hostel only till such time as his/her caution money covers the amount of hostel dues together with fine thereon.

Students leaving the hostel for vacation should pay up all their dues before they leave.

Room rent for the month will have to be paid in advance on the 7th of every month and in the case of an inmate joining the hostel in the course of a month, on the date of admission.

 11. General Discipline

Members should keep their rooms scrupulously clean, soiled things and clothes should be stored out of sight. Discarded rags and papers should not be thrown about in the rooms, terrace and premises. The rooms, doors etc should not be disfigured by writing, stick- ing handbills, posters etc.

They should behave with restraint and decorum. Shouting, reading aloud and other acts likely to disturb other inmates during hours of study should be avoided at all times. Violation of these rules may invite action like cancellation of allotment.

Complete silence should be observed after  9 PM

All members are expected to be in the hostel by 7.30 PM. Lady students should be back in the hostel by 7.30pm, unless permission to stay out beyond 7.30 pm is obtained from the Warden / Asst.Warden.

They should sleep and study in their own rooms.

Members are not allowed to remove any articles of furniture, fittings, light etc. belonging to the hostel. Any damage to the hostel property shall be immediately reported to the Warden / Asst. Warden. The cost of damage will be recovered from the individual concerned. If the person is not, traced, the members of the wing or flat concerned will be held responsible. In case of wanton damage, in addition to recovery of cost of repair, the Warden/Asst.warden might impose a suitable fine.

Members are not permitted to convene meetings of any sort anywhere in the hostel or its premises without the Warden/Asst.Warden’s written sanction obtained on written request.

No circular or subscription test shall be taken round except with the permission of the Warden/Asst.Warden.

There shall be an executive committee of inmates in each hostel consisting of Asst.Warden, Hostel Secretary, Reading Room Secretary, Garden / Phone Secretary and representative of the in- mates. The executive committee shall meet once every month. The general body meeting will be conducted as and when necessary and should be attended by all inmates.

No members shall take active part in political meetings, processions or propaganda. Disregard of this rule will lead to immediate expulsion from the hostel.

Members are forbidden from ill-treating any of the hostel servants and should not have any dealing with the servants.

Every member will report to the Warden/Asst.Warden in writing at the beginning and end of each term after his/her arrival and before his/her departure respectively. The dates of arrival and departure are to be entered by him/her in the books kept for the purpose in the hostel office. If a student is found in the hostel without reporting his arrival after reporting his departure, he/she will in addition to the usual electricity charges must pay a penalty of Re.1/- per day which will be credited to the hostel funds.

All correspondence regarding the hostel should be made through the respective Warden / Asst.Warden.

Misconduct or breach of any of these rules of the hostel will render the offender liable to fine, suspension or dismissal.


 12. Holidays

All students before going away for the vacation or otherwise must see that all their dues are paid completely before leaving the station. Members are strictly advised not to leave any money or valuables in their rooms. The hostel authorities do not hold themselves responsible for money or goods lost by students or guests.

For convenience of members who go home during the holidays, the Warden/ Asst.Warden may arrange for their safe custody of their belongings during their absence at their own risk and the Warden / Asst.Warden will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any such property.

13. Special Rules for Women Students

All residents must return to the hostel before 7.30 pm unless they have obtained a late pass from the Warden / Asst.Warden.

Late passes to return before 10pm can be obtained from the War- den /Asst.Warden 4 times a month at the rate of one pass per week. Application for late pass in writing should reach the Warden /Asst. Warden by 1pm from Monday to Saturday. No application will be received on Sundays.

Visitors : Visitors may be seen between 3 PM  and 6PM on all days of the week ( Sundays 8AM -6PM) in the visitors room only. Every member shall before seeing the visitor make the following entries in a book provided for that purpose. i) Name of the visitor, designation or address; ii) His or her relationship with the member; iii) Member visited shall sign his/her name below the entries recorded above.

Each such recorded entry shall be looked into and initiats put before the end of the day by the Warden /Asst.Warden

Any member wishing to see a visitor at any other time shall first obtain the permission of the Warden /Asst.Warden